"The Retract4 swing away joystick mount is a big step forward in simplicity for the end user and for me as a service tech. Visually the Retract4 is very clean and mounts to any chair that I have had to deal with. Mechanically we have not had any problems and it is very easy to adjust. I am encouraging many of my power chair users to try the product over the OEM part."
Noah H., Service Tech
  Hamiltons HAS Cincinnati, OH


"The Retract4 swing away joystick mount worked out perfectly. My patient loved it. She can now get up to her sewing table and her dinner table. I would also like to thank the fine people at Healthwares for taking the time to design it specially for her chair. Your new design did work out GREAT. Keep up the good work. Thanks again."
  Risch Home Health Care

  Lancaster, OH


"I have been in a wheelchair for all of 5 years now. When I had the opportunity to try out this new breakaway device for the arm of my chair, I jumped on it. This device has enabled me to become so much more independent. I'm now able to maneuver up to and under a dinner table so I can eat without spilling food all over myself! Working in my office is also much easier, as I can move in and under my desk allowing me to reach the keyboard. When traveling in my vehicle I'm able to turn the Retract4 in and back, and move much closer to others and feel like part of the group. This Retract4 has made living in a wheelchair much easier for me, as I'm able to do so much more from the chair by myself!"
Tom Paul
  Bismarck, ND


"I've been lucky enough to have seen this product when it was first introduced in its testing phase roughly three years ago to what it's become today. I provide the Retract4 on virtually every power wheelchair that I sell regardless if it's a consumer power wheelchair or a high end Rehab power wheelchair. It's so versatile, having the ability to position the joystick in any area I need to increase accessibility and functional driving. It's so nice to have a retractable joystick arm that can be used as a midline mount as well. I love the durability of this product. I've never had to go out into the field to service this product. No more loose screws and floppy scissor mechanisms. I would highly recommend this product to anyone using a power wheelchair."

Kurt Schmidt, ATS, CRTS
  Great Plains Rehabilitation Services Bismarck, ND


"I want to thank you guys for a superior product! The [Retract4] mount is WAY more adjustable than any standard retractable mount and has held up with even the hardest users. I don't even consider other mounts anymore."

Troy Lapp, CRTS, ATS
  MedEquip Home Medical