The Retract4 wheelchair joystick swing away arm employs a simplicity of design that offers unmatched functionality. Its full 180-degree horizontal adjustment means it can be used for both left-hand and right-hand mounting. The easy, low-pressure retractability and positioning means the chair user can get closer to tables and desks­—and they can get in and out of the chair more easily, too—giving them more freedom and maneuverability. And the durability of the Retract4 means low maintenance long into the future.

Retract4 fully extended

Retract4 in folded position


multiple extended positions with right

or left hand mounting and adjustment


retracts back by folding

at each joint of the arm


folded position by

side of armrest


•   Easy installation and virtually no maintenance

•   Full 180-degree movement that translates into

    multi-position use (straight, right offset, left 

    offset, fold away)

•   Vertical adjustability for the joystick controller

•   Tension adjustment that allows for easier

    horizontal movement or locking in any position

•   A sleek profile for easy cleaning

•   Adaptability for most powerchairs and joystick

    controllers including: Invacare, Quickie,

    Permobil, Pride, and many more

    chair and controller reference chart

•   Full one-year warranty

•   List Price: $325.00


Retract4 Lite

The streamlined design and durability of the original Retract4 in a lightweight, lower cost version. Constructed of plastic composites and aluminum, making it 50% lighter. The Lite has factory preset tension.

List price: $273.38


Midline Option

The Midline option can be added to either the Retract4 or the Retract4 Lite. The 12" midline bar attaches at the second swival point of the arm between the arm and the joystick adapter. The midline bar includes an adapter mount that can be adjusted horizontally along a channel on the bar with two set screws.

Retract4 with Midline

List price: $505.00

Retract4 Lite with Midline

List price: $453.38

Retract4 Midline

Tray Spacer for Midline

A tray spacer is also available for the midline to allow up to an additional 3" of clearance over tray. Tray Spacer fits between the Retract4 arm and the Midline bar.

List price: $37.50



Vertical Flip-Away Midline

Flips up to 45 degrees past vertical. Universal for left and right arm mounting.

List price: $350.00

vertical flip midline